What’s the difference between instant coffee and coffee capsule machines?

Compatible Coffee Pods And Capsules Are Not Like Instant coffee
• It turns out that there is quite a bit of difference between capsule coffee and old school instant, and you will notice this straight away with the taste.

• Each individual capsule is hermetically sealed with freshly roasted coffee, and you will notice the difference quite easily than with your jar which was opened last week. It is unaffected by air and any contaminants.

• Instant coffee contains preservatives and man-made chemicals that allow it to last longer in your cupboard, capsule coffee does not. Capsule coffee is higher in antioxidants and generally much better for you.

• Capsule coffee is made with the machine pushing hot water at extremely high pressure through the ground coffee, similar to the pressing of a traditional café machine. Instant coffee is made by pouring boiling water onto grounds in your cup and letting it dissolve. You can stir it pretty vigorously, but it’s not quite the same thing.

• There are actually less steps involved in making a capsule coffee than in an instant coffee, making it essentially more instant than instant. Also the coffee comes out at the perfect temperature for drinking, which means you can enjoy it straight away.

• There are no recognized fair trade instant coffees at this time, meaning the coffee is produced under poor living and working conditions. With capsule coffees, particularly compatible capsules which come from smaller boutique producers, you are being a bit kinder to your fellow man.

Basically capsule coffee will produce a cup of coffee that you can compare to barista made quality, whereas instant is just ground up coffee from a jar. So not quite the same thing.

Plus the variety of flavors and blends can’t really compare. You may want to visit our homepage and choose from the compatible capsules and pods at https://au.caffe.com, and throw your kettle away.