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Six Ways That Coffee Makes You A Better Person

We have all heard that there are health benefits to drinking coffee, and possibly convinced ourselves that means having 8 cups a day with sugar and whipped cream on top is good for you. But did you know that coffee can make you a better person? It’s true, see below.

Coffee can make you smarter
Studies have shown coffee to boost a number of cognitive activities, including memory, focus and alertness. It also gives you energy which gives you longer stamina to attend to your work or studies. If we say that coffee makes you work better, it can get you promoted sooner, so therefore coffee can also make you richer.

Coffee can make you happier
Coffee is a stimulant and a mood enhancer, making you feel instantly better. This is because coffee helps the body release dopamine into the system, which produces euphoria and general warm snuggly feeelings.

Studies have also shown that drinking coffee reduces your chances of depression. This only works if you drink it in moderation however, as high amounts of caffeine have been shown to increase your anxiety.

Coffee can make you more romantic
There has been some research to indicate that coffee increases your arousal (again because of the dopamine) and particularly in females this may include sexual arousal. These studies are a bit tentative however.

I believe that coffee makes you more romantic because it is an excellent reason to meet up with someone. “Want to have coffee with me?” is far less stressful than suggesting dinner, so is more likely to get you a positive response. And at the end of the date a sly “Want to come in for coffee?” is guaranteed to get you feeling romantically inclined. All the better reason to have some really good quality stuff in your kitchen.

Coffee can make you kinder
Coffee can be the gift that keeps on giving in so many ways. If you want to help a homeless person but not give them money, buy them a coffee. If you want to butter up your partner because you did something wrong, bring them a fresh Caffe Bonini coffee in bed.
You can also be a kinder person by looking for fair trade coffee, which means the producers of the coffee are paid fair prices for their product.

Coffee can make you more popular
Coffee can make you the centre of your social circle. Pretty much everybody loves a good coffee, so if you have this to offer you are bound to win friends. You can make café quality coffee at home these days easily, and provide your friends with exciting new flavours and fresh rich Italian blends.

Coffee can make you fitter
Studies have shown that coffee increases your alertness, which can pep you up immensely for a workout. Coffee can give you more stamina, increase your pain threshold, and help the blood flow through your body. It may also increase your metabolism and help you burn fat, even long after your workout has finished. Generally just a black coffee will do this though.

Now I’m no doctor, or qualified in health in any way, but I say, in the face of all of the above evidence bring on the coffee. You already love it, now these are some extra reasons to embrace it and ensure you always have high quality fresh coffee on hand.

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