120 Nespresso Compatible Capsules – Caffe Bonini Intense Pack: 0.45c Each


100% Italian Roasted Coffee in 5 different flavors and 50 capsules for a highly discounted price for a limited time only. Compatible with all Nespresso Coffee Pod Machines available in Australia. Save 50% on Nespresso compatible capsules and pods. Each pack contains 5 flavors: 10 Carioca capsules, 10 Lungo capsules, 10 Ristretto capsules, 10 Intenso capsules, and 10 Seta capsules. Explore the different tastes of Italian Coffee today.

LUNGO: 100% Arabica blend that has a delicate flavor with hints of dried fruit and cereals. Perfect for anyone who wants to explore new tastes. Strength 4/10

CARIOCA: Dense, creamy taste from 100% Brazilian blend with chocolatey scent and rich aroma. For anyone who loves an intense flavor and who loves real coffee. Strength: 5/10

SETA: 100% Arabica blend that is soft and velvety. Offers almond and citrus notes, and lingering sweet aftertaste. Made from high-quality coffee beans from Central and South America. Strength: 5/10

INTENSO: Strong intense flavor. Creamy and aromatic coffee composed by Robusta and Arabica from Central America. Perfect for Italian espresso lovers, Strength: 9/10

RISTRETTO: Slow roasting process creates a strong, dark and lingering aftertaste with notes of bitter chocolate. Good creamy texture with strong flavor. Strength: 8/10


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