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Milano, Roma, Napoli – 100% Italian Robusta and Arabica Beans

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Coffee blend: 100% Arabica
Percentage of raw coffee: 100%
Roasting: Medium

Content per package: 1kg

Quality: 100% Arabica.

Our blend of Southern and Central America beans combined to make a sweet, yet soft coffee with the distinctive aromatized notes typical of Arabica beans.

Milano is recognizable by its light brown-red cream and a classical taste adored by the North European coffee connoisseur.

It also contains a finer and more fruity taste than the Robusta blends but maintains its strong delicious fragrance.

Perfect for all lovers of a light and sweet coffee.

Milano, fashionable coffee.
Coffee blend: 50% Arabica, 50% Robusta

Percentage of raw coffee: 100%
Roasting: Medium

Content per package: 1 kg

A perfect combination of Robusta and Arabica beans coffee.

This traditional South Italian espresso is worthy of Caesar. Strong, while at the same time delicate, this blend is especially good for all espresso lovers who are looking for a balanced coffee.

When in Roma, drink as the Romans drink.
Coffee blend: 100% Robusta

Percentage of raw coffee: 100%
Roasting: Dark

Content per package: 1 kg

A blend characterized by the strong and bitter taste typical of Robusta beans.

Long-lasting cream sits on top of a dark delicious brew that offers a significant burst of energy.

Napoli is a delight for all creamy espresso lovers, and a necessity for those needing a shot of caffeine. Start your day in Napoli.

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  • Milano Coffee Beans – 1 kg 100% Arabica from Southern and Central America

  • Napoli Coffee Beans – 1 kg 100% Robusta beans bitter and strong taste

  • Roma Coffee Beans – 1 kg South Italian 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta beans


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