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The perfect duo – coffee and music

Add a touch of culture to your coffee time by coupling your favourite blend with melodic harmonies, throbbing beats, blood curdling metal or jazzy jives.

If you’re drinking…

Corposo: available in Caffitaly Compatible Coffee Capsules and Pods Online
Translated into English, Corposo means full-bodied. With such an intense taste it calls for a musical extreme to match. Try blasting your ears (and that of your neighbor) to the gripping, extreme sounds and lyrics of Death Metal. And if you’re asking what Death Metal is? Well, you take a dollop of heavy metal and add lyrics involving death and destruction. World-renowned DM bands include Death, Morbid Angel, Possessed and Deicide.

Lungo: available in Nespresso Coffee Capsules and Pods Online
You’re in it for the long term with Lungo – this 100% Arabica blend is as authentic as it comes. Musically you need to pair Lungo with tunes that are as solid and consistent. It’s not the time to listen to something that unexpectedly veers off into rapping or drum solos. As this blend could be said to be ‘old-school cool’ you’ll want to team it with a crooner. Who better than old blue eyes, Sinatra, himself to sing to you while you sip?

Espresso Seta: available in Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Lavazza Compatible Coffee Capsules and Pods Online
Soft, velvety and rich – the blend of Espresso Seta is a perfect match to the vocal richness of Nina Simone, High Priestess of Soul. Turn on the capsule coffee maker and wallow in the deliciousness of her version of I Put a Spell on You. Be warned, you’ll want to replay both the song and the coffee machine!

Classico: available in Dolce Gusto and Lavazza Compatible Coffee Capsules and Pods Online
One of the most popular blends with a fruity yet bitter taste, Classico is renowned for its softness. Try twinning its mellowness with contemporary jazz. Think Michael Buble, think Jamie Cullum and don’t forget Tony DeSare. Warning: toe tapping is highly likely.

Carioca: available in Lavazza Compatible Coffee Capsules and Pods Online
The combination of 100% Brazilian coffee will have you dancing in the kitchen. You know what’s coming next. Yes, you need to partner up with some samba vibes. Turn up the volume and wiggle your hips to the sounds of Garota de Ipanema (The Girl from Ipanema). You’ll find countless versions of the second-most recorded song in history but there’s only one Café Bonini Carioca.

Forte: available in Nespresso and Dolce Gusto Compatible Coffee Capsules and Pods Online
This is one for all the serious ‘Coffee Drinkers’ out there (note the capitals – it’s that serious). Vigorous, full-bodied and packing some serious oomph, the only singers that can stand up to the power of Forte are the all-time greats. Yes, it’s time to bring out the beats of funk masters Brown and Wonder. You’ve been warned.

This elegant and perfected blend has a robust and seductive side that will captivate its drinker. The perfect pairing has to be something by the sultry songstress Lana Del Ray. She may look all 50’s, squeaky clean, Home Queen but scratch the surface and her core is less pure and more that of a gravelly chanteuse who can capture your heart and raise your pulse in one velvety, painted-lip word.

You want a taste of Italia? You’ve got it. Close your eyes whilst drinking O’Vesuvio and you’ll be transported to a Napolese plaza. So, move over Romeo and Juliet, this perfect coffee and music duo comes in the form of true Italian opera classic Ole Sole Mio sung by Pavarotti. If you really want to spice things up you could add Carreras and Domingo to the mix. Just don’t blow the speakers.

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