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A mindful moment with your coffee

Momentary mindfulness might just be the thing to perk up both your coffee and your day. This bite-size piece of meditation takes minutes to perform, doesn’t take up any of your precious spare time but does make a huge difference to your mental and physical health. Here’s how you can take a mindful moment with your Café Bonini capsules…

I’ve heard about mindfulness. But just remind me, what is it exactly?
When we are mindful we are experiencing a moment as it is happening. It seems pretty simple to say but focusing our thoughts solely on the present rather than the past, the future or something else entirely is something that many of us struggle with. Noticing, appreciating and being aware of a moment allows us to accept our thoughts and feelings and can, in just a few weeks of practice, have noticeable and beneficial outcomes on our lives.

Mindfulness gets results fast and is used as a proven and effective treatment for depression.
As a boost to our immune systems and to improve our memories. Although it is used as a ‘treatment’ it is by no means only for use by ‘patients’. Everyone and anyone will benefit from taking the time – even just a few minutes a day – to focus, think positively and take time out from the ‘busy busy’ of their lives.

But how can I fit mindfulness into my busy life?
Ah, that old chestnut. Stressing about how you can fit an anti-stressing routine into your day? With mindfulness, and in this case momentary mindfulness, you don’t have to find any extra time in your day or deprive yourself of anything else you’d like to do. Instead, momentary mindfulness slips into the time you already take to do things. In this case, it’s the time you take to make a drink using your Caffe Bonini coffee capsules. And don’t panic, you still get to drink the coffee.

Okay, so I’m not going to have to get up half an hour early or walk an extra mile. What do I need to do?
You’re going to make the coffee first, so get your Caffe Bonini capsule and place it in your coffee machine as per usual. Momentary mindfulness is about being in the moment so focus on your machine and notice the sounds it makes as it begins to brew your coffee. Can you hear the water boiling and passing through the capsule? Notice the trickle of the liquid as it fills your cup and inhale the aroma of the coffee as the vapors coil up and out. You may like to feel the sensation of warming your hands on the cup or study the differing colors in the coffee. It may be that you notice something entirely different or something new everyday. There’s no pressure to do or notice everything – only to try to ‘be in’ and ‘stay in’ the moment that your machine is making the coffee.

My coffee came out just great. Can I drink it now?
Yes, of course you can drink the coffee and what is more, you can leave the mindfulness experience there. Perhaps it’s something you’ll repeat later in the day? Or maybe you’d like to extend it into drinking your coffee? Up to you.

If you’d like to try momentary mindfulness whilst drinking your coffee try being aware of the color, the smell, the taste and the sensations you have as you drink and swallow. Feelings of satisfaction, warmth and pleasure both mentally and physically can be noticed and noted. A little smile maybe, as you acknowledge the pleasurable experience?

What happens next?
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could continue the whole day being mindful, accepting things without judgment and remaining truly focused? Realistically, our minds will wander off as we carry on about the day. However, having started your mindfulness journey you can try bringing back that clarity and focus whenever you feel like you want or need to. Lunch break coffee? After your evening meal? Use your coffee machine as your prompt and see where it takes you…

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