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How to make coffee extra fancy in your capsule machine

You’ve got one of those capsule/pod coffee machines in your kitchen and you use it quite a bit, but I’ve got some great ways you can use it even more. You can even use it to make an extra special treat for your partner or kids, or just to reward yourself.

Did you know that you can make hot chocolate in your machine?

With your machine you are not just restricted to using the brand name pods that go with your machine; a number of boutique roasters across the globe are offering compatible capsules that can fit in all the big name machines. And when you access these independent companies such as Caffe Bonini you are not only getting hand crafted coffee, you can also get new flavour blends and other drinks such as tea and you guessed it, hot chocolate.

So you can make a rich, hot, creamy hot chocolate with the push of a button on your capsule machine, but here are some hints to make it extra fancy:

  • An oldie but a goodie; put a dollop of whipped cream on top and some grated chocolate.
    Drizzle over the top. You can do this easily with chocolate or caramel topping.
  • Then mix it up a bit and put whipped cream on top and then drizzle over that. Or maybe crumbled up cookies or mini M&M’s.
  • Or if you’re feeling really romantic top your whipped cream swirl with sugared petals such as rose or violet; this will never fail to charm the one you love.
  • If you’re feeling a bit more naughty try adding chilli to the mix and make it red hot and spicy.
  • Don’t just put in one or two marshmallows; stuff the top of the cup full of them till it’s bursting with gooey goodness.
  • Adult it up a little bit with a good slug of rum or flavoured liqueur.
  • Make a gingerbread coffee by adding brown sugar, cinnamon and ginger spice. Garnish with a Tiny Teddy.
  • Add a big spoonful of Nutella or peanut butter, or make it Jaffa by adding orange essence or orange liqueur.
  • Flavour it with syrup. There are countless coffee flavour syrups available which work wonderfully in hot chocolate. You might want to try peppermint, salted caramel (yum!), coconut or gingerbread.
  • You could also get creative and garnish with crumbles or shavings of something to match like candy canes for the peppermint hot chocolate and shaved coconut for the coconut hot chocolate.
  • Put coffee in it! Or better yet use Caffe Bonini’s Mocaccino or Dolce Gusto which has combined them together for you already.

The secret to fanciness is really in the garnish, so think outside the box and don’t be afraid to experiment. Layer it up; bigger is better and all that. Because Caffe Bonini have made the making part of the hot coffee so easy and giving you the perfect hot creamy treat every time, you can spend all your time perfecting your drizzles and swirls on the top.

I have to go now, I’m off to make that peanut butter one…

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