Lavazza a Modo Mio Compatible Capsules

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Compatible pods and capsules for all coffee machines using Lavazza A Modo Mio system.

Models include: Minù, Simpla, Favola, Electrolux Premium, Espria, EspressoGo and Fantasia coffee machines


Create your own kit by adding the products of the category. Compatible Coffee Capsules for the Lavazza system. You can add to your basket different personalised Kit for several products.

  • lavazza modo mio decaffeinato

    LAVAZZA DECAF: 10 Pack – Caffè Bonini Decaffeinated. Strength: 6/10

  • Lavazza modo mio forte

    LAVAZZA FORTE: 10 Pack – Strong aroma and penetrating taste Strength: 10/10

  • LAVAZZA INTENSO: 10 Pack – Intense flavor composed of Robusta. Strength: 9/10

  • LAVAZZA RISTRETTO: 10 Pack – Slow roasted, notes of bitter chocolate. Strength: 8/10

  • LAVAZZA SETA: 10 Pack – Soft, velvety with almond and citrus notes. Strength: 5/10