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Lavazza Compatible Capsules In Australia – Caffe Bonini

Want to experience espresso with an amazing Italian feel to satisfy you coffee craving?. If you have a Lavazza A Modo Mio coffee machine, you’re in the right place to know that coffee time stepped up its game as compatible capsules are now made available for Lavazza coffee machines! With this we are confident that we can deliver such premium taste and a tastier twist on your coffee using your Lavazza coffee machines such as Simpla, Favola, Minù, Espria, Electrolux Premium, EspressoGo and Fantasia.

You can order Lavazza Compatible Capsules In Australia on this link:

We offer from ten, seventy, up to 100 capsule boxes for all the great flavors of espresso.

What to look forward for Caffe Bonini capsules?

1.) It Offers Box with Ten Single Packaged Capsules

Maximize your coffee experience with 10 capsules of each flavor! Caffe Bonini makes sure that you experience your Italian way of coffee that will last you for several cups. If you want to try out these flavors that will leave you wanting for more, we made sure that you won’t be disappointed by providing ten single packaged capsule inside a box ready for your indulgence!

2.) Discover All the Tasty Flavours

Caffe Bonini made different flavours using innovative techniques of combining classic and unique flavours to produce the bold and “not so normal” yet tasty aroma that will definitely fit your taste.

3.) 100% Italian Coffee

These coffee capsules are some of the greatest ways you could enjoy your mornings if you feel like going for an Italian vibe. You can tune in some Italian classic songs while taking a sip of 100% Italian coffee. Spice up your Italian mornings with these unique flavors to choose from.

  • Classico. Made from Central America’s arabicas, this flavor will definitely take you to heaven with its tempting aroma and satisfying softness, creaminess, and smoothness of its texture. It also gives a unique fruity flavour for an interesting yet delicious aftertaste.
  • Seta. The velvety and soft flavour with a hint of citrus notes and almond will definitely tickle your taste buds as it leaves a sweet aftertaste. This espresso is 100% Arabica blend from the Southern and Central region of America.
  • Intenso. This is the strongest espresso of all these coffee capsules. It has been made from roasted coffee beans of Central America for an intense kick of coffee that you will never forget.
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