Five reasons why coffee lovers use coffee capsule machines and pods

Coffee Machines offer delicious roasted coffee while giving you:
1. Convenience with the push of a button.
2. Wide variety of flavours.
3. Quality coffee beans from all over the world.
4. Affordable price in the long term.
5. Saves you time.

This is why coffee lovers all over Australia are embracing the coffee capsule machines and their cute little capsules.

Convenience With The Push Of A Button
These wonderful machines offer an all-in-one package. You don’t have to grind, pump, heat, froth, pour etc. in order to have perfect fresh hot coffee. It all happens in one go; you turn on the machine, pop in the capsule of your choice, push the button and it’s all done for you. It’s easy, one step, makes little mess and tastes fantastic!

Wide Variety Of Capsules, Pods, And Flavors
With the worldwide spread of the machines, there is an ever increasing market in new and exciting types of capsules and pods. You can of course get traditional blends, but you can also get a wide variety of strength, blend and flavour of coffee, plus drinks like mocha, hot chocolate, chai and tea.

You can also get blends from all over the world, even tiny boutique roasters, and you don’t have to stick with the brand name capsules your machine came with, as there is an entire range of compatible capsules that will also work. In terms of the variety available to you the sky is really the limit.

Quality Coffee Beans From All Over The World
The quality of the coffee beans used and the freshness of the brewing process means that you are getting café quality coffee every time and in your own home. And the variety we talked about above means that you can experiment until you find that absolute perfect blend for you.

Depending on the brand of your coffee machine, you can choose from an assortment of flavors on the pages below, flavors such as Lungo, Carioca, Seta, Ristretto, Intenso, Forte, Decaffeinato, Pistacchio, Amaretto, Nocciola, Havana Rum, Chocolate, Mandorla, Sambuca, and Whisky. You can explore the flavors on these pages:

Affordable Price Per Cup Of Coffee
If you are buying even one café coffee a day this is well over a thousand dollars a year. With the capsule machine, each serve can cost less than a dollar. And with the extraordinary range of compatible capsule options, you can save even more money.

Saves You Time
This is a super speedy way to get a coffee. The coffee of course tastes far better than instant coffee because you’re using high quality beans, and the machine warms up quicker than it would take your kettle to boil. And it is definitely more efficient than trekking down to the local café to buy a coffee every time you’re craving for one.
The increased efficiency in your coffee making means that you will get so much more done, increasing your efficiency at work and around the house as well.

Imagine the taste of beautifully roasted, freshly brewed, steaming hot coffee from high quality Arabica and Robusta and Italian coffee beans. If you had a capsule machine you could already be enjoying one.

Once you get your coffee machine, what’s next?

You can try out Compatible Capsules–these are capsules that are produced by different coffee suppliers from all over the world. For example, we at AU Caffe offer 100% Italian Coffee Beans for $0.40 cents  to $0.50 cents per capsule. These are way cheaper than the branded ones, but make no mistake, these are top quality coffee beans from Caffe Bonini. When you try our Compatible Capsules, you can explore more flavors and more choices than what’s normally available.

Visit our homepage and choose from the compatible capsules and pods at

You can also choose from different coffee capsules depending on your coffee machine.