The different flavors of compatible Dolce Gusto coffee capsules


If you have discovered the capsule coffee system, but are a recently new convert, you may have only tried the brand name capsules that came with the machine because you thought you had to. There’s actually a wide variety of compatible capsules made by other roasters that are designed to fit perfectly in your machine. This offers you new and different taste experiences and great coffee at a much more reasonable price than you’ve been paying.
If you’ve purchased a Dolce Gusto system for the extreme ease of quick fresh milky coffee at one touch, but are a bit bored with the branded capsules, then check out below for some great compatible capsule options available.

You can choose from the different flavors of Compatible Dolce Gusto coffee capsules, available in Australia on this link.


For pure coffee hits, there is a lovely mix of strengths, flavours and aromas that you can get in compatible capsules. If you like your coffee mid-strength you could try the Classico which is popular for its gentle blend of fruity and creamy notes, or the Seta for 100% Arabica with hints of almond, citrus and chocolate.
If you like your coffee stronger you can try Intenso for a traditional Italian espresso kind of experience, or go even stronger to Forte, intense and ideal for true connoisseurs. If you like your coffee lovely, but without the caffeine there is also a gorgeous decaffeinated option you can try.
These coffees are roasted and blended in Italy to recipes that have been handed done carefully over centuries, and can be delivered straight to you for fresh, high quality coffee everyday.


If you like milk in your coffee, then you usually like a bit of variety. Caffe Bonini’s compatible capsules for the Dolce Gusto system provide a number of different milks and milk mixes that you can add to your coffee or hot chocolate, or enjoy just on their own. Perfect for those with kids who like to have a hot drink, but probably don’t really need the caffeine.

You can get capsule blends perfect for cappuccino, café latte and hot chocolate, plus the more intriguing burst and energy of ginseng flavoured milk. You can get frothy hot and creamy milk that you never thought was possible in a capsule machine.


And a little something for your more refined side as well – you can get tea capsules filled with fresh leaves that make the perfect steamy cup through the unique hot water and pressure system of your capsule machine. You can choose English Breakfast for a pick-me-up, Mint for refreshment, and also the special blend Benessere Tea which is an enticing blend of florals and fruits.

Big on variety, low on price
You can buy these incredible flavour hits online for less than 50 cents a cup, and they will be delivered to your door. Considering compatible capsules opens up a world of different tastes for you, in a quality that you would never have thought possible if you hadn’t been courageous enough to stray from the branded option.

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