Difference Between Traditionally Ground Coffee Machines And Coffee Capsule Machines?

What is the difference between a traditional manual coffee machine and the newer capsule or pod machines? And is one system better than the other? Which one is more likely to suit you?

The similarities
First let’s look at the similarities in the systems. They will both set you back a bit in terms of buying the machine, and also in buying the higher quality and naturally fresher coffee. Because of the freshness and the quality both systems will produce better tasting coffee that is better for you than instant.

Now let’s look at the differences
Initially the traditional machines had the edge on capsule systems in terms of variety, as you could use any brand of beans you liked, as opposed to being stuck with the capsule brand that worked with your machine. However with the introduction of compatible capsules to the market, the range of this system is now much wider, including an extraordinary array of producers, blends, flavors and varieties, including capsules that will make tea and hot chocolate as well.

With a traditional machine you will have more control over the exact way your coffee is made and exactly what goes in it. With the capsules you are restricted to exactly what is in the capsule. If you like to have the option for more selection and adjustment, and in general play a more active role in your coffee making, you are probably better off with the traditional machine.

The capsule machine is generally far quicker and easier to use. It is also a lot quieter. Some systems will produce their own milk with the push of a button, so you don’t need the added stress of heating and frothing milk for your cappuccino. The machines are usually easier to clean and require cleaning less often than the traditional machines.

Capsule machines are generally smaller and can be a lot cheaper. They can be less of a commitment to the art of making coffee than the traditional machines making them better for beginners or people who just like lots of good coffee. It used to be that a capsule machine would be more costly on an ongoing basis because the capsules were expensive, but the advancements in compatible capsules now mean that this is no longer the case.

Capsule machines can have more waste than the traditional machines, but this depends on how you are disposing your waste. If you are buying regular capsules they can only be disposed of in the bin, but biodegradable ones are available. If you are tipping your coffee grounds from the traditional machine straight into the bin you are creating the same amount of waste either way. Probably the best method of disposing for the environment is to make sure the waste is both biodegradable and ends up on your compost heap.

Capsule Machines Are More Convenient And Cost Less
I would recommend the capsule machine for people who love good coffee and a wide variety, but want convenience, less commitment and lower cost. People who don’t want to just push a button, but want to feel like they are making their own coffee and being a part of the action would be better to go for the traditional machine.
The creation of compatible capsules provided many of the reasons why the capsule coffee system can compete with the traditional, particularly in terms of quality, range and cost.

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