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Coffee – your brew with benefits

It’s hard to keep abreast of whether coffee is currently good or bad when it comes to our health. The positive news for coffee drinkers in 2017 is that new research shows some decidedly perky health benefits. It turns out that coffee helps memory function, helps you burn off fat, reduce inflammation, and protects against dementia. Taken in moderation, coffee can help improve your overall health. Here’s a round-up of the latest news…

Coffee helps memory function … as long as you remember when to take it
If you find yourself forgetting things it could be time to reach for another Café Bonini coffee capsule (just make sure you reach for it at the right time). Researchers at John Hopkins University* found a link between caffeine (found in coffee) and improved, long-term memory. Key to the findings was the particular type of memory function that improved which is called pattern separation.

Previous studies had patients taking caffeine before performing memory tests and found no significant results. This time, however, the trial had patients taking the caffeine after the first test (it was a double-blind trial) and lo and behold, it made notable improvements to their memories which lasted for over 24 hours.
* Read more about the trial

Coffee perks up weight loss… but keep off the donuts
Seems there’s a very good excuse for having that second or fourth (see below) cup of Café Bonini. According to the Mayo Clinic drinking coffee can help to both suppress the appetite and stimulate the bodily functions that burn calories. But don’t grab the donuts with your coffee just yet. This research is still in the puppy stages and the results show only slight improvements in both.

Coffee fights back against inflammation… so draw your weapon
Inflammation which is linked to many different diseases, weight gain, and aging can be reduced when one enjoys regular coffee and caffeine throughout their day. To coffee naysayers it may seem like a tall order but the researchers at Stanford University have found that our favourite brew is able to fight off inflammation-causing chemicals. Furthermore, the scientists found that elderly patients, who drank coffee regularly and in reasonably large doses (about 5 cups a day), had less inflammation causing chemicals in their bodies.

Coffee creates NMNAT 2 which protects against dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s … that sounds kinda serious
New research has found that coffee is one of 24 compounds that can produce the powerful enzyme NMNAT 2. Researchers at Indiana University studied over 1,000 compounds, including currently used drugs, to find out which ones can help in the fight against the many forms of dementia. What does this mean? It means there is a link between coffee and the enzyme that researchers hope can block the effects of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia.

Coffee’s magic number is four … for now
Not one, two or three… it appears that four is the magic number when it comes to cups of coffee. This four-tunate news is based on the latest findings in peer review Food and Chemical Toxicology. Researchers found no nasty surprises when examining coffee drinkers who swilled around 400mg of coffee per day. They also examined pregnant coffee drinkers who consumed no more than 300mg of coffee per day and found nothing untoward there either.

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