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Coffee and gratitude: enjoying a moment with your coffee

We all lead hectic lives, making what little spare time we do have all the more precious. So make sure every moment (or, in this case drop) counts. In the minute or so that it takes for your Caffè Bonini capsule to make a delicious cup of steamy coffee you could be relaxing, realigning and readying yourself for the day ahead. Here’s how…

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1. Does your cup run over?
Half empty or half full? Practicing gratitude is a fantastic way to lift us out of a morning funk. As your coffee machine does its ‘thing’ take a moment to think of something to be grateful for. The even better news is that, with daily practice, gratitude becomes a new way of thinking and for once we’ll have picked up a habit that we don’t want to stop.

2. Stretch your coffee out
Whether you wake up with a stiff back or are ready to compete in the Olympics, you can only benefit from fitting in a stretch. Whilst your Caffé Bonini capsule works on your brew you can work on your body. Try some simple shoulder rolls forward and backwards to ease any tension. Follow this with gentle head circles, first taking the head down to your chest and then moving it in a circular motion from left to right and vice versa. Finish by reaching both arms above your head and stretching up as high as you can.

3. Perk yourself up
Just one minute of meditation can set you up for the day ahead. Prepare your coffee machine and Caffè Bonini capsule first and then focus on you. To begin, sit yourself down and close your eyes. Take a deep breath in through your nose and then slowly out again. Continue this, counting each breath (one inhalation counts as 1, an exhalation as 2 and so on). Count to 30.

4. Savour every moment
In short, mindfulness is a being fully ‘aware, present and in the moment’ and removes us from negative thinking patterns. As your Caffè Bonini capsule works its magic try inhaling the smell of the coffee. Immerse your senses in the rich smell of the beans then watch as the coffee pours into your cup, noticing the colour and the patterns that it makes. Feel the cup and enjoy the warm sensation in your hands. Savour every moment.

5. Tea with your coffee
Use the time it takes for your machine to make your drink to pack a healthy snack for later in the day. Grab a piece of fruit, chop up some raw vegetables or pack a cereal bar. You’ll be grateful (see tip 1) for a healthy snack come morning tea.

6. Give it your best shot
By forward planning the day ahead you’ll eliminate the stress of trying to work it out as you’re ‘on the go.’ If you need to, write it down in list form. Try to prioritize your list so you can work your way down and tick as you go – it’ll give you a sense of achievement.

7. Don’t forget the coffee
How many times have you found yourself mid supermarket stumped for what it is you need at home? Or worse, got home only to find you’ve forgotten the key ingredient for that night’s dinner? Use the coffee machine time to prepare your shopping list. To speed up the shopping write your list in food type sections or as to how the supermarket is laid out.

8. Keep it strong
An exercise routine in the time it makes to prepare the coffee could be pushing it. However, fitting in a few balance techniques is certainly manageable. Try some one-legged balancing like a yoga ‘Tree Pose’. Place the sole of one foot against the side of the other calf. Try to hold for 30 seconds and then switch sides. Keep your hands out to the side or progress to holding them above your head. Don’t panic, if you find it difficult to balance at first (hold onto the kitchen surface until your balance improves).

9. Bean breathing?
It seems a funny thing to remind ourselves to do but sometimes a couple of good, deep focused breaths can do us the power of good. As your machine works away try taking in a long deep breath and as you do so think of expanding your chest. Slowly release the breath, expelling as much air as you can by squeezing your stomach muscles. Repeat 3 times and enjoy the reviving sensation.

10. Brewtiful mantras
As your coffee machine makes you a perfect cup of Caffe Bonini coffee, you can work on a personal mantra for the day. Keep it positive and something that you are keen to focus on. For example, something along the lines of ‘I’m a helpful person’ or ‘My love embraces all my family’. You can repeat this throughout the day to keep you on track.


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