How to choose the right coffee capsule machine for you

Having a coffee capsule machine is a great way to make coffee, including convenience, price, variety and quality, but you might be a little confused by which machine to buy. We’ve looked a little into this for you below.


Many people are familiar with this popular brand of capsule because it has a pretty unbeatable marketing campaign, but does this mean that the machines are actually any good? A number of different brand names make Nespresso capsule machines, the most popular probably being the De Longhi ones, which themselves come in a number of different varieties.

There are larger and smaller, taking up different amounts of bench space. With a smaller machine you will get a smaller collection box for used pods, so it needs regular emptying, and the water tank needs filling often, so if you are a several coffee a day person you may want to go for a bigger machine. There is also another type of machine that you should lean towards if you are more a milk based coffee person, allowing you to froth real milk and use milk alternates such as soy and almond milk.

Nespresso machines offer a wider variety of selections and options and are generally considered to be more for enthusiasts and connoisseurs. If you like to make your friends jealous with the coffee you make, the Nespresso machines might be for you. The machines are usually more expensive (up to $7000) as are the Nespresso capsules, but with compatible capsules easily available you don’t need to stick with the branded ones.

Dolce Gusto

The Dolce Gusto system has far less variety in its machines, and is marketed more for people who like their coffee simple and lots of it. The price of the machines is mid-range (up to $2000) and the branded capsules are cheaper than the Nespresso ones, but again you can access compatible ones which are better value. The coffee is fantastic quality and your cup will still taste great.

Dolce Gusto make a couple of Americano focused machines and use milk pods, so it’s a very quick, convenient all–in-one system. This is the best machine for people who want no fuss, one button push fresh hot coffee.


The Caffitaly machine is very pretty on your counter top, and very low priced (around $100) compared to other systems. It is a bulkier machine however and will take up more room. Because it looks good you may not mind this; The coffee blends available are generally not as fancy or as varied as those for the Nespresso machine, but you can get a better range of other drinks such as tea and hot chocolate. This machine is probably ideal for families who are not just coffee-focused, and have less to spend on a machine. It could also make a great easy gift for someone who drinks a lot of coffee but is not too fussy about it.


This is a well known name in quality home coffee. Chances are you have been buying Lavazza beans or freshly ground coffee for your plungers for years. This machine is as low priced as the Caffitaly which is a great selling point, and it is small and compact. It only allows you to make one cup at a time before you need to empty, refill, reset everything, so may not be best if you drink a lot of coffee.
This machine takes pods rather than capsules, which are flatter and contain ground coffee. The blends again are not quite as lovely as what you can get for the higher priced machines, but there is a great range of compatible pods on the market, so you can move beyond the Lavazza name to find something you love. The coffee is still about a billion times nicer than instant coffee and can be described as café quality.
It is very easy to use, but has no other features than on and off.

Which One Is For You?

Basically there seems to be something to suit everyone. It really depends on how you like your coffee and how often you like it, but it seems no matter what your taste is, there is a system to suit you.

One of the great things with pod coffee is no matter what capsule machine you end up choosing, you are not restricted to just one brand capsules. There is an incredible range of compatible capsule options available that will work with your machine and will offer you an unending choice of coffee blends and other hot beverages to try.

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