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Why choose for compatible pods and capsules for Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Caffitaly and Lavazza

I have been thinking about this for a while, and I’ve figured out why Australians love coffee so much. It is because it makes everything better and easier.

You can’t really argue with that right?

If you love your coffee you would already know this, and you might also already know that the best coffee comes from Italy, and the best way to have it is hot fresh and expertly blended by your local barista, that guy with the tattoos and the beard who knows your order by heart and has it ready as you walk in the door.

Actually that last point is not exactly true; the best way to have hot fresh café quality coffee is brewed in one touch in your favourite mug (the really big one) in your own kitchen.

Caffe Bonini in Australia

Through you can buy one of the Italy’s oldest names in boutique coffee, Caffe Bonini. The coffee is roasted in Italy using traditional techniques and recipes that have been passed down and revered through generations.

We make pure old-school espresso style coffee, as well as many lighter blends and flavour mixes that are delicious and unexpected. The coffee is vacuum sealed in capsules and transported to your door, to be brewed in your capsule machine fresh as the day we roasted it. You will transported ever so briefly to a street café in Florence, before real life in Australia takes over again and it’s time to drop off the kids at school and get to the office. But you had a little Italian incanto first didn’t you?

Why choose Caffe Bonini compatible pods?

Compatible pods make your name brand capsule machine just that little bit better. You have a broader variety of coffee you can access, including handcrafted 100% Italian roasts, conveniently online and for a price cheaper than the branded capsules, and about 95% cheaper than going out and buying a barista coffee. Here are some of the capsules on offer:

Nespresso is a popular system and makes wonderful fresh hot coffee, ideal for people who like a little more handling and control when making their favourite brew. There are a wide variety of machine types and there is something for every enthusiast; perfect for someone who likes a number of different types of coffee but each one very particularly made.

Our range of compatible capsules for Nespresso machines is excellent, with six different blends and strengths of pure coffee, nine flavoured capsules including pistachio, chocolate and whisky flavours, a decaffeinated coffee and a number of relaxing teas.

Dolce Gusto
The Dolce Gusto machine is more one-touch and off you go kind of machine, ideal for quickly making great coffee and lots of it.

We have a large range of compatible capsules for these machines, including four strengths of pure espresso style coffee, six flavoured capsules including milk capsules for Americano style coffee and incredible ease, a decaffeinated coffee and some lovely teas.

Caffitaly is a more budget conscious system, ideal for house-warming gifts, families, or people who are just dabbling their toes in capsule coffee (not literally I hope). It makes one coffee at a time, but with our compatible capsules it does so beautifully. It is ideal for people who want less confusing options and more quality coffee in just one go.

Our capsules come in two strengths of 100% Italian roasted coffee, traditional street café espresso style. You can choose from strong and creamy to strong and penetrating. Simple, uncomplicated and classic.

Lavazza have produced a couple of nifty little machines for beginners, people in a hurry, people who aren’t snobby and just love good coffee. The machines are generally small and inexpensive, but with Caffe Bonini coffee you are still guaranteed the highest quality brew.

We offer three different compatible pods for Lavazza machines, including the enchanting blend Seta with notes of almond and citrus, the creamy, soft and fruity Classico, or for the energy hit that smacks you in the face, the rich Intenso.

So good, so convenient; you’ll never go back

Caffe Bonini has something for everyone (unless you really like terrible coffee, in which case you might need to go somewhere else!) With a wide range of beautiful, traditional Italian coffee, for reasonable prices, delivery to your door and fitting wonderfully in your branded coffee system, once you’ve tried us you will really never want anything else.

Visit our homepage and choose from the beans, and compatible capsules and pods at

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