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Coffee – your brew with benefits

It’s hard to keep abreast of whether coffee is currently good or bad when it comes to our health. The positive news for coffee drinkers in 2017 is that new research shows some decidedly perky health benefits. It turns out that coffee helps memory function, helps you burn off fat, reduce inflammation, and protects against dementia. Taken in moderation, coffee can help improve your overall health. Here’s a round-up of the latest news…

Coffee helps memory function … as long as you remember when to take it
If you find yourself forgetting things it could be time to reach for another Café Bonini coffee capsule (just make sure you reach for it at the right time). Researchers at John Hopkins University* found a link between caffeine (found in coffee) and improved, long-term memory. Key to the findings was the particular type of memory function that improved which is called pattern separation.

Previous studies had patients taking caffeine before performing memory tests and found no significant results. This time, however, the trial had patients taking the caffeine after the first test (it was a double-blind trial) and lo and behold, it made notable improvements to their memories which lasted for over 24 hours.
* Read more about the trial

Coffee perks up weight loss… but keep off the donuts
Seems there’s a very good excuse for having that second or fourth (see below) cup of Café Bonini. According to the Mayo Clinic drinking coffee can help to both suppress the appetite and stimulate the bodily functions that burn calories. But don’t grab the donuts with your coffee just yet. This research is still in the puppy stages and the results show only slight improvements in both.

Coffee fights back against inflammation… so draw your weapon
Inflammation which is linked to many different diseases, weight gain, and aging can be reduced when one enjoys regular coffee and caffeine throughout their day. To coffee naysayers it may seem like a tall order but the researchers at Stanford University have found that our favourite brew is able to fight off inflammation-causing chemicals. Furthermore, the scientists found that elderly patients, who drank coffee regularly and in reasonably large doses (about 5 cups a day), had less inflammation causing chemicals in their bodies.

Coffee creates NMNAT 2 which protects against dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s … that sounds kinda serious
New research has found that coffee is one of 24 compounds that can produce the powerful enzyme NMNAT 2. Researchers at Indiana University studied over 1,000 compounds, including currently used drugs, to find out which ones can help in the fight against the many forms of dementia. What does this mean? It means there is a link between coffee and the enzyme that researchers hope can block the effects of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and dementia.

Coffee’s magic number is four … for now
Not one, two or three… it appears that four is the magic number when it comes to cups of coffee. This four-tunate news is based on the latest findings in peer review Food and Chemical Toxicology. Researchers found no nasty surprises when examining coffee drinkers who swilled around 400mg of coffee per day. They also examined pregnant coffee drinkers who consumed no more than 300mg of coffee per day and found nothing untoward there either.

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A mindful moment with your coffee

Momentary mindfulness might just be the thing to perk up both your coffee and your day. This bite-size piece of meditation takes minutes to perform, doesn’t take up any of your precious spare time but does make a huge difference to your mental and physical health. Here’s how you can take a mindful moment with your Café Bonini capsules…

I’ve heard about mindfulness. But just remind me, what is it exactly?
When we are mindful we are experiencing a moment as it is happening. It seems pretty simple to say but focusing our thoughts solely on the present rather than the past, the future or something else entirely is something that many of us struggle with. Noticing, appreciating and being aware of a moment allows us to accept our thoughts and feelings and can, in just a few weeks of practice, have noticeable and beneficial outcomes on our lives.

Mindfulness gets results fast and is used as a proven and effective treatment for depression.
As a boost to our immune systems and to improve our memories. Although it is used as a ‘treatment’ it is by no means only for use by ‘patients’. Everyone and anyone will benefit from taking the time – even just a few minutes a day – to focus, think positively and take time out from the ‘busy busy’ of their lives.

But how can I fit mindfulness into my busy life?
Ah, that old chestnut. Stressing about how you can fit an anti-stressing routine into your day? With mindfulness, and in this case momentary mindfulness, you don’t have to find any extra time in your day or deprive yourself of anything else you’d like to do. Instead, momentary mindfulness slips into the time you already take to do things. In this case, it’s the time you take to make a drink using your Caffe Bonini coffee capsules. And don’t panic, you still get to drink the coffee.

Okay, so I’m not going to have to get up half an hour early or walk an extra mile. What do I need to do?
You’re going to make the coffee first, so get your Caffe Bonini capsule and place it in your coffee machine as per usual. Momentary mindfulness is about being in the moment so focus on your machine and notice the sounds it makes as it begins to brew your coffee. Can you hear the water boiling and passing through the capsule? Notice the trickle of the liquid as it fills your cup and inhale the aroma of the coffee as the vapors coil up and out. You may like to feel the sensation of warming your hands on the cup or study the differing colors in the coffee. It may be that you notice something entirely different or something new everyday. There’s no pressure to do or notice everything – only to try to ‘be in’ and ‘stay in’ the moment that your machine is making the coffee.

My coffee came out just great. Can I drink it now?
Yes, of course you can drink the coffee and what is more, you can leave the mindfulness experience there. Perhaps it’s something you’ll repeat later in the day? Or maybe you’d like to extend it into drinking your coffee? Up to you.

If you’d like to try momentary mindfulness whilst drinking your coffee try being aware of the color, the smell, the taste and the sensations you have as you drink and swallow. Feelings of satisfaction, warmth and pleasure both mentally and physically can be noticed and noted. A little smile maybe, as you acknowledge the pleasurable experience?

What happens next?
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could continue the whole day being mindful, accepting things without judgment and remaining truly focused? Realistically, our minds will wander off as we carry on about the day. However, having started your mindfulness journey you can try bringing back that clarity and focus whenever you feel like you want or need to. Lunch break coffee? After your evening meal? Use your coffee machine as your prompt and see where it takes you…

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Six Ways That Coffee Makes You A Better Person

We have all heard that there are health benefits to drinking coffee, and possibly convinced ourselves that means having 8 cups a day with sugar and whipped cream on top is good for you. But did you know that coffee can make you a better person? It’s true, see below.

Coffee can make you smarter
Studies have shown coffee to boost a number of cognitive activities, including memory, focus and alertness. It also gives you energy which gives you longer stamina to attend to your work or studies. If we say that coffee makes you work better, it can get you promoted sooner, so therefore coffee can also make you richer.

Coffee can make you happier
Coffee is a stimulant and a mood enhancer, making you feel instantly better. This is because coffee helps the body release dopamine into the system, which produces euphoria and general warm snuggly feeelings.

Studies have also shown that drinking coffee reduces your chances of depression. This only works if you drink it in moderation however, as high amounts of caffeine have been shown to increase your anxiety.

Coffee can make you more romantic
There has been some research to indicate that coffee increases your arousal (again because of the dopamine) and particularly in females this may include sexual arousal. These studies are a bit tentative however.

I believe that coffee makes you more romantic because it is an excellent reason to meet up with someone. “Want to have coffee with me?” is far less stressful than suggesting dinner, so is more likely to get you a positive response. And at the end of the date a sly “Want to come in for coffee?” is guaranteed to get you feeling romantically inclined. All the better reason to have some really good quality stuff in your kitchen.

Coffee can make you kinder
Coffee can be the gift that keeps on giving in so many ways. If you want to help a homeless person but not give them money, buy them a coffee. If you want to butter up your partner because you did something wrong, bring them a fresh Caffe Bonini coffee in bed.
You can also be a kinder person by looking for fair trade coffee, which means the producers of the coffee are paid fair prices for their product.

Coffee can make you more popular
Coffee can make you the centre of your social circle. Pretty much everybody loves a good coffee, so if you have this to offer you are bound to win friends. You can make café quality coffee at home these days easily, and provide your friends with exciting new flavours and fresh rich Italian blends.

Coffee can make you fitter
Studies have shown that coffee increases your alertness, which can pep you up immensely for a workout. Coffee can give you more stamina, increase your pain threshold, and help the blood flow through your body. It may also increase your metabolism and help you burn fat, even long after your workout has finished. Generally just a black coffee will do this though.

Now I’m no doctor, or qualified in health in any way, but I say, in the face of all of the above evidence bring on the coffee. You already love it, now these are some extra reasons to embrace it and ensure you always have high quality fresh coffee on hand.

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The 5 Health Benefits From Drinking Coffee

So you know that you can’t make it through the day without your caffeine hit, but did you know that this little indulgence might actually be good for you?

Well I’ve got some happy news for you; your must-have coffee might be helping your body a little bit at the same time, so now you can stop feeling guilty about it. You could even use having coffee as an excuse to skip the gym and get pizza for dinner.

Maybe not, but in addition to giving you energy and making you alert, studies have shown there could be quite a few health benefits to your coffee habit. Let’s look at some of these below.

1. Coffee is naturally high in antioxidants, which help your body stay healthy and fight many kinds of disease by either preventing or slowing down cell damage. Antioxidants are kind of magic, and have been reported to reduce inflammation, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and stroke. In fact caffeinated coffee contains more health boosting properties than the same amount of blueberries.

2. You probably already knew this, but coffee is good for your mood. Studies have shown that people who drink regular cups of coffee are less likely to suffer from depression, and have a reduced chance of suicide. This is because coffee contains natural mood enhancers that work with your hormones to make you feel better. It also reduces anxiety, helps your headaches and makes you poop, all things that put you in a better mood.

3. Coffee may increase female sex drive. So far the studies on this one are only conclusive in female rats, but you know, there’s a chance that it’s the same thing for humans. Drinking coffee stimulates the part of the brain which regulates arousal. It might still be a bit of a stretch at this point, but still a good excuse to surprise your girlfriend with a soy latte.

4. Drinking coffee is good for your liver. Studies have shown that coffee may help to repair your liver and reduce the damage it is incurring from other sources such as alcohol. You have a reduced risk of liver cirrhosis, increased liver protection benefits, as well as a reduced risk of liver cancer.

5. Studies have shown that people who drink coffee everyday have improved memories and a reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. This is because caffeine is a substance called a methylxanthine which has psychoactive abilities and may increase cognition. Methylxanthines increase metabolic rate and cause fat burning effects.

In fact, coffee is actually so good for you that the USDA’s dietary guidelines released in 2015 recommended having 3 to 5 cups of black coffee a day to improve overall health and reduce the development of disease.

Take coffee in moderation. Of course, too much of anything is not good so moderation is key to living a healthy life. The amount of coffee that a lot of people consume may go beyond healthy and beneficial and slide into addictive and damaging. We also need to be aware that almost all of the studies discussed state that you are not able to add milk, cream or sugar to coffee and still get the same reported benefits however.

Order compatible pods and capsules for 40 cents each. Fortunately with Caffe Bonini capsules you have so many rich, creamy, flavoursome coffee options that you can try without needing to add anything if you don’t want to. Try some today and you’ll start feeling the benefits right away. If you need coffee capsules and coffee pods for your machine at 40 cents to 50 cents each, then Caffe Bonini can provide you with 100% Italian, authentic roasted coffee. We have multiple compatability for Nespresso, Dolce Gusto, Caffitaly, and Lavazza. We offer free delivery in Australia for offers of $50 or more.