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How To Start A Coffee Or Tea Party

The ways in which people around the world celebrate their ‘coffee time’ may differ but one’s thing for sure, we all love to party. From African coffee rituals to hosting a tasting, here’s everything you needed to know about starting coffee parties…

Traditional coffee ceremonieswoman pouring coffee in cups
In Ethiopia and Eritrea a coffee ceremony is a traditional ritual dating back to 800 A.D. and the first discovery of coffee. Performed for honored guests and visitors, green coffee beans are roasted over an open flame before being ground, boiled, sieved and poured into a long-necked jug called a Jebena. The ceremonies often take hours to perform and can occur at any time of the day or night (think considerately before dropping in to say ‘hi’). Guests take their coffee with sugar, salt or butter.

Right photo: Ethiopian coffee ceremony, Rod Waddington,, Creative Commons

Has reading about the African coffee ceremony inspired you to host your own party? Birthdays, anniversaries, exam success or just inviting a group of friends over to yours are the perfect ‘excuses’ to host an event.

How to host your own coffee ceremony/party

1. Start with your Caffé Bonini coffee capsules and pods. Which blends will you offer your party guests? It’s a good idea to create a menu describing the different blends.
2. How will you serve your coffee? Avoid chipped and mismatched cups and opt for a set (or sets) depending on numbers. Borrow cups from a friend if you don’t have enough.
3. Where will you serve your coffee? One large table with you all seated around? Or are you going to settle your guests around the room on sofas and chairs and use coffee tables?
4. What are you serving with your coffee? Biscuits, cakes, muffins or savoury treats and snacks? You’ll need plates, napkins and possibly spoons and forks.
5. Music? Background tunes will add to the already buzzing atmosphere. If you’re stuck try a ready-made playlist. Look at Spotify – they actually have a Café Europa mix which is perfect for pairing with Caffé Bonini’s authentic blends.

Hosting a coffee tasting party
Perhaps you and your friends fancy yourselves as gastronomes? That or you just appreciate a really good coffee. If so, consider taking your party in the coffee tasting direction. A tasting session is a fun and enlightening activity that doesn’t need to be taken too seriously.

• You’ll need a selection of different coffee pods and capsules so you can offer the full range of blends. You’ll find a range of Nespresso/Dolce Gusto/Lavazza/Caffitaly Compatible Coffee Capsules and Pods Online here.

• Hand guests a notepad so that they can record their thoughts and findings.

• Serve each coffee in one glass cup to share (important for seeing the colour) and divvy out spoons for each person to taste – makes things a lot easier when it comes to washing-up.

To truly ‘taste’ coffee you will need to consider the following:

1. The aroma – simply, what does it smell like? Does it remind you of anything? Can you detect a mixture of smells? Chocolate and malt mixed with wet dog, for example…
2. The taste – slurp a spoonful of the coffee so that it coats the entire tongue. Try to detect whether you get a sharp or sweet taste. Acid or alkaline? Bitter or sweet? Or a combination of all these things. Often you’ll find that a taste will change after it has been in your mouth for a while and it leaves a different aftertaste.
3. The body – how the coffee feels in the mouth in terms of texture. For example, one coffee may feel oily whereas others are dry, thick or smooth.
Happy partying! Perhaps your coffee parties will become something of a tradition too?