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Best Caffitaly coffee machines

It is no secret; in Australia we truly love our coffee. Our tastes are broad and refined; we like high quality coffee and can tell the inferior stuff pretty quickly. Our café culture was built on the traditional Italian street café, with wonderfully roasted coffee blends and flavours, fresh aromatic and hot.

The café culture has moved into our homes in a way that is easier and cheaper than ever before. It used to be that to get fantastic coffee you had to be prepared to spend a bit; either at the local coffee shop with your expert barista, or with a complicated manual machine at home. Today however there is an option that is well-priced, quick and easy, convenient and most importantly still gives the high quality coffee we demand. Enter the capsule machine.

These machines use capsules or pods which are filled with freshly roasted and ground coffee, vacuum sealed and ready for brewing. To use you place a pod in your machine and touch a button; the machine pushes steaming water through the hard packed grounds to brew a great coffee with a rich crema, like what you are used to from the commercial and manual machines.

There is a wide range of capsules available, including compatible ones which are not made by, but are designed to perfectly work with your branded machines. These are competitively priced and offer far greater variety than if you stuck with just the branded ones.

One capsule system designed specifically for Australians is the Caffitaly system. These machines are very well priced and generally no nonsense; they take up little to no space and are very easy to use. They are ideal for families, beginners, travelling or giving as gifts. They are readily available from Woolworths or Gloria Jeans, and can be used with a wide range of drink choices.

Here are more details of a few of these machines on the market for your consideration:

Caffitaly S23

Price: $199


  • Milk frother attachment with adjustable setting
  • Removal milk jug for refrigeration
  • Self-cleaning
  • One touch extraction


  • Small and compact
  • Fantastic price, good value for money
  • Easy to use, ideal for people who like their coffee no nonsense
  • Range of drinks including coffee and hot chocolate


  • Cannot adjust strength of coffee on machine, but can buy weaker capsules to suit
  • Small water tank and pod disposal tray, needing regular attending to
  • Doesn’t have the frothing capacity of the more expensive machines

Caffitaly S06HS

Price: $149


  • Milk frother
  • One touch extraction


  • Budget conscious
  • Wide range of compatible capsules available
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Able to make more than one coffee at a time
  • Attractive to look at, lovely and bright red
  • Minimal mess


  • Not for someone who makes many coffees a day
  • Big, takes up a bit of benchspace
  • As a budget machine they don’t last as long or come with the level of service that more expensive machines do

Caffitaly S24

Price: $119


  • Designed for espresso shots only, although also dispenses tea
  • One touch automatic extraction
  • Self cleaning
  • Adjustable cup height


  • Very small
  • Easy to use and to clean
  • Good size water tank
  • Good price


  • Somewhat restricted in its use – although this will make it perfect for some coffee connoisseurs
  • No milk frother


If you are a fussy coffee person the Caffitaly system is not for you; there is limited control of things like heat and strength and little manual handling through coffee process. However if you love good coffee easy and fast then Caffitaly is definitely for you. With a range of sizes and prices, including options with and without milk frothing, you are sure to find the convenient system for you.

Visit our homepage and choose from the compatible capsules and pods for the Caffitaly system at


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  1. I have a 24 machine working fine, but now has a yellow light showing what is it and how do I get rid of it.
    Have flushed with vinegar water mix 6 cups but no change.

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