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The art of coffee appreciation

You love coffee – that’s why you’re here snapping up your Nespresso or Dolce Gusto or Lavazza or Caffitaly Compatible Coffee Capsules and Pods Online. For some the love of coffee isn’t only expressed by secure payments, contented sighs and a bin full of empty capsules. No. Appreciation for coffee is expressed through art.

How to do: Latte art
From leaves and hearts to monkey faces. Did you think latte art was the domain of highly trained, poorly paid baristas? Think again. You can transform your at-home/at-office coffee with latte artwork that will impress and inspire. Follow these steps:
1. First off, make sure you have the right equipment. You’ll need a milk steamer, a large, round-bowl shaped cup and a metal milk pitcher.
2. Make your espresso coffee as normal using your Caffe Bonini capsule.
3. Heat the milk using the steamer. Try to keep the nozzle below the surface of the milk to avoid making large bubbles. Keep warming the milk and swirling as you do so until the pitcher feels hot in your hand.
4. Pour the espresso into the bottom of the cup.
5. Bang the pitcher of milk carefully on a flat surface to remove any bubbles. Gradually add the milk to the espresso, swirling the coffee and milk so that they mix. Retain some milk.
6. Pour the remaining milk by starting at the side of the cup furthest from you. Pour with the pitcher from a height and use a zigzag motion, bringing the pitcher back to the rim closest to you. Then, once you’ve reached that side, move back to the one furthest away by pouring the milk in a line, cutting through the middle of the zigzags. By doing this you will create a leaf pattern.
7. Admire.
8. Drink!

Neptune Coffee Latte Art

Photo courtesy of Michael Allen Smith,, Creative Commons license

Coffee art
Remember the time you spilled your coffee all over that bill, letter, or shopping list that you were reading? Did you (a) wipe it up, cursing as you did so or (b) turn it into a work of art? For some a coffee spill is an inconvenient mess but for others it’s the beginning of something beautiful…
Here’s “Lone Tree” by Hailey E Herrera which began coming into life as a whoops moment but morphed into a work of art using decaf coffee, a brush and some serious talent.

Lone Tree ( Paint with Coffee )

Picture courtesy of Hailey E Herrera, CC license

More steady of hand, Frédéric Glorieux’s street scene of the iconic #02 Place de la Sorbonne was purposely created using a combination of coffee and starch paste. No spills this time but plenty of thrills all the same. Even better, this atmospheric piece smells as good as it looks.

Streetview #02 Place de la Sorbonne

Picture courtesy of Frederic Glorieux, CC license

Coffee poems

Coffee certainly stirs up the poetic passions in its followers/dependents (you Caffé Bonini fans know what we mean). In particular, it’s that first coffee of the day that really stokes up the flames. The poems below, simple and to the point, evoke the strong emotions felt when a person either – shock, horror – interrupts your coffee or, even worse, drinks it. Brew on these…


Picture courtesy of Ron Frazier, CC license

Crime scene

The ring was the chalk outline
The empty cup the body
The crumbs the splatter of blood

Who dun it?
Drunk my finest coffee
Dunked a Digestive
Then departed

Poem: Anonymous of Whangarei

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