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7 Surprising Flavour Trends in Coffee

Adding a touch of flavour to coffee has become a trend in cafe’s in the last few years, and coffee has spread its wings out through flavoured capsules and syrups. You’ve heard of the most popular ones like vanilla, hazelnut, butterscotch and chocolate, which I must admit are pretty fantastic, but did you know there is a whole new wave of exciting flavours coming?
Check out these new tastes:
1. Guarana
This combination ensures you are going to have a productive day! Mixing traditional coffee with the added tang and bang of guarana may be a little bit genius and a little bit evil mastermind. This is definitely something to try.

2. Barley
This flavour is a really lovely one; delicate, aromatic and rich. This as it turns out is not a new trend but something that the Italians have been doing for centuries as a caffeine free alternative to coffee, they call it caffe d’orzo. It has added health benefits, and can be enjoyed anytime of day.

3. Gingerbread
This one started as a Christmas treat and has become popular now all year round. It is achieved through a mix of brown sugar, ginger and cinnamon, and as an optional extra you could load it up with whipped cream. Just don’t let it run down the lane.

4. Cookie
I’m not entirely sure how they get the flavour mix for this one; I’m pretty sure there’s no crumbled up cookie bits floating around in your coffee. If that’s the case then Australians have been doing this one for years. This leads on from the gingerbread trend. There are quite a few versions of this flavour; for instance you can try classic cookie, macadamia or almond, or chocolate chip.

5. Ginseng
The smell and taste of ginseng is something extraordinary, and tea drinkers have been enjoying this for centuries. This coffee flavour has extra health benefits as well, with ginseng reported to reduce blood pressure and give you increased energy and mental clarity. It began where all the best coffee trends begin, in Italy, and is now sweeping the world.

6. White chocolate
This is a sweet flavour, so I wouldn’t recommend this for people who are die-hard fans of coffee’s more bitter notes, but if you have a sweet tooth, then definitely give this flavour a try. You won’t need to add sugar.

7. Cinnamon raisin toast
OK, I have to admit, I’m not entirely sold on this one. A gentle touch of cinnamon in my coffee I can understand, it reminds me of a warm spicy chai latte. And cinnamon flavoured coffee is becoming a staple in a lot of cafes. But raisins? And toast? I haven’t tasted it yet, but it could be pretty cool, and maybe you’ll feel like you’re getting your whole breakfast in one drink.
There really is no end to the possibilities with coffee. Not everything is a good idea I will grant you, but give these a try, you might find your new favourite drink.

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